How To Enlarge My Penis

This is a question that many men ask themselves when they realize that they might not be quite up to scratch in the trouser department.

And the internet will give a lot of answers, most of which will either waste your money, or time, or both. Some will even damage your health.

So the only information you can trust on the internet is in the form of independent scientific studies, and hopefully an honest testimonial from someone out there on the internet.

I actually discovered traction devices due to a sexual accident I had a few years ago, which left me with a bent penis. This accident gave me a condition called Peyronie's, which can also mean that you lose some penis length as well as giving you a bent penis.

I was one of the lucky few that did not lose any penis length due to the accident, but the bend in my penis was still distressing and it did seem to affect my ability to have an erection. So as any modern man, I googled it and looked for what kind of treatments were on offer.

Peyronie's only has a few kinds of effective treatments, most of which involve injections which is something I was not too keen on. But I was very interested to read about traction devices, which had been shown to have quite a lot of success in treating Peyronie's.

Adding up the cost was also a factor for me, and it turned out that even the most expensive traction device was far cheaper than the round of treatments that I would have to get from a doctor to treat this.

So it was worth a shot either way. I will not burden you with descriptions of me using the device, but after a few months it did seem to work to straighten my penis.

The other side effect I started to see was that my penis looked longer, and although at first I put this down to the straightening, soon enough it became clear that my penis was definitely longer than before ( long term girlfriend, she knew exactly how far in it used to go).

The device I used was Sizegenetics, and it is worth you checking it out here

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